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The People’s Flag of Columbus can be purchased online via There are various sizes and options available, including large flags, small stick flags, garden flags, and car flags. Show your support for Columbus by proudly flying the People’s Flag at your home, workplace, or while on the move.


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About The People’s Flag of Columbus.
The People’s Flag of Columbus was created by Paul J. Nini, a long-time Professor of Design at The Ohio State University, who truly believes that Columbus deserves a flag as vibrant, innovative, and thoughtful as its citizenry. This article in 614 Magazine provides even more information.

What do the visual forms represent?
The centered horizontal and vertical axes represent Broad and High Streets, the central intersection of downtown. The star indicates that Columbus is the state capital. The light blue semi-circle and the dark blue and green fields represent the Scioto River and Franklinton peninsula. The red and white stripes reference the Ohio and US flags, of course.

Why are well-designed city flags important?
That’s a very good question! Fortunately, Roman Mars has all of the answers.

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